Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose your Art?

We go for medium priced undervalued art. The problem with High priced "Masterpieces" that range in millions of dollars is that there is a very small Buyer's market. It may take several years before finding a buyer who can pay the desired price. Low priced art is too volatile. It may give massive returns but is a lot riskier. Medium priced Art is just the sweet spot. 

Are there any hidden costs?

We charge "3% or 5 USDT" whichever is greater on withdrawals. It covers our commission, Auction rates, Taxes and Handling expenses. There are no other costs.

What are the payment and withdrawal methods?

We only accept Bitcoin (BTC) as the payment method. The proceeds are immediately converted into USD so as to guard our investment from the Volatility of Bitcoin. Withdrawals are paid in USD Tether (USDT).

How often will new items be introduced?

BitArtShares plans to acquire new artwork every month, allowing investors to participate in future offerings and further diversify their art investment portfolio.

What are the risks involved?

We mostly sell at a profit and rarely at a loss.  There may come a situation where we need to hold an item for a slightly longer period of time. Our art evaluators are experts at their job thereby  mitigating a lot of risk. However, No investment is risk free.

What if I have any other question?

You should contact us by email at or schedule a free conversation with our platform specialists. Our platform specialists can assist you with the subscription process or answer questions about the offering.