JOHN BIGGERS (1924 - 2001) Market Women, Ghana.

JOHN BIGGERS (1924 - 2001) Market Women, Ghana.

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JOHN BIGGERS (1924 - 2001)
Market Women, Ghana.

Oil on canvas, circa 1960. 1015x1280 mm; 40x48 inches. Signed in oil, lower right.

Bigger's large painting represents the importance of the African woman in her society. Biggers has said that "Africa has a female sensibility", and "the woman was so powerful in African culture." In 1957, Biggers was one of the first African-American artists to visit Africa, sponsored by a UNESCO fellowship. Upon his return, between 1959 and 1963, Biggers created his monumental painting, Jubilee: Ghana Harvest Festival, now in the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, a group of drawings published as Ananse: The Web of African Life, and a series of paintings including this one and Ghana Washerwomen, circa 1960. Lewis, p. 140.

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